avv. ForniThis website was created by Alberto F. Forni Esq. in 1999.

He studied law at Fribourg University and graduated in 1992.

After his training period with Mario Guglielmoni Esq. in his legal and notary practice (expert in family law), he completed his legal trainingship at the Magistrates Court of Lugano, section 6, dealing again in family law. He then spent a period of time in Germany. He became a lawyer in 1995.

He held the position of President of the Regional Tutorial Commission in Lugano east, n. 8 from 2001 (year of founding) to 30th June 2012.

Since 1996 he has been a partner of the legal and notary practice with Ms. Carla Zucchetti, in Via Luganetto, 3, Lugano, Viganello, Switzerland.

As a lawyer, he deals mainly with civil law, and in particular, family law, including aspects of International law. He also deals with legal arguments and consulting, including prenuptial questions.

Lawyer Alberto F. Forni
Via Luganetto 3
CH-6962 Lugano-Viganello
Tel. +41/91/972 10 59
Fax +41/91/971 88 73

E-Mail: alberto.forni@iur.ch